How to Make and Keep New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions… The tradition we love to hate. In fact some people just stopped making them. Yet, experts have shown that people who create and maintain goal setting and who stick to daily advances towards that goal, achieve success more than those who do not. So, perhaps we call them, New Year Goals? Remember that 80% of people who make resolutions fail by mid-February. So let’s look some Resolution Methods that can actually work for you so that by February 15th, you haven’t already given up on the goals you set for yourself.

Whether you want to improve your finances, your health, or your relationships, here is how to be among the 20% who succeed!

  1. Choose Meaningful Goals. The most common goals aim to earn more, look better (healthier), and live happier. But choosing a general topic for improvement is not a goal. Personalizing the journey will drastically increase your chances of success. To find your “why,” explore the reasons you want to make changes in your life.
  2. For example, why do you want to earn more? What would your life look like if you received a 10% or 20% raise? Then consider why you think the pay increase will make your life better. Will you have more money for travel, less stress over current and future finances, or retire sooner? The deeper reasons often include a desire to find more meaningful work (or quit a job you hate), spend more time with loved ones, or other lifestyle changes that get to the heart of what you want to achieve. Focusing on the core reasons for setting a particular goal will provide the deeper motivation required to change your circumstances.
  1. Choose Resolutions Within Your Control. There are many circumstances in life that you cannot control. Setting goals contingent on other people’s actions lead to frustration and failure.
  2. The raise, for example, depends on a cooperative boss, a growing company with resources to pay more, and a host of other factors outside of your control. You can, however, control your income, which might include seeking a raise, finding a higher paying job, or increasing your skill set enabling you to qualify for better employment. You may also want to think about what you absolutely love to do in your “free time”, hobby, or passion and find creative ways to monetize them in very small ways, until they grow into bigger ways or even your own business. Choose goals where you control the input, giving you more certainty of the outcome.
  1. Start Small. Got a pretty huge goal? Great! Think big, then break it down into daily tasks that are easy to complete. Actions small enough that you develop new habits and begin a pattern of success.
  2. For instance, you may want to pay off $50,000 in credit card balances but find yourself unable to make progress because the goal itself is overwhelming. Instead of focusing on the $50,000, turn your attention to ways to save $5 every day. Eliminate the daily latte, lunch out, or other $5 expense, and it will translate into $1,825 per year. Uncover five $5 daily costs, and you can redirect over $9,000 annually toward debt elimination.
  1. Be SMART. Using the SMART formula will help evaluate and quantify potential goals. Every change should meet the SMART qualifications, meaning it is specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-based.
  2. Plan the Follow-Through. Failure and setbacks are part of every success. Track and measure success, but also anticipate roadblocks. It might be an unexpected car repair, sick parent, or child’s school costs. Successfully reaching goals include the ability to mitigate and overcome challenges.

The New Year provides the chance for a do-over. That is a very refreshing thought if you’re human as we all make mistakes or procrastinate. Make the upcoming year your best yet, when you get your finances in order, lose weight, or find love, start a business or that ‘thing’ that’s always on your mind. Whatever your life goals include, implement the above steps, and you will find yourself not only looking forward to the New Year but winning.

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