How to Save Money on Costumes and Candy This Halloween

Halloween is a holiday that gives everyone permission to be someone else for a day or evening. When else can you dress up as your favorite character, attend parties, and eat as much candy as you want? While not everyone celebrates this holiday, those that do spend around $9 billion on candy, costumes, and decorations.

Here are 12 ways to save money on Halloween fun:

Ways to Save Money on Candy

  1. Buy treats in bulk. Warehouse stores sell giant bags of candy variety packs at discounted prices.
  2. Choose less popular types of candy: Popular candy bars will cost the most. Instead, choose less expensive options such as sweet tarts, pops, or jolly ranchers. Even if you mix up the chocolate and non-chocolate, you will save money.
  3. Find coupons and follow the sales: Wait for a sale and double-dip savings with a coupon. Stores and manufacturers distribute coupons for popular candy this time of the year.
  4. Wait to buy yourself candy: It is tempting to buy extra for yourself. However, the number of trick-or-treaters each year change based on the day of the week, weather, and several other factors, which could leave you with leftover candy. If not, the day after Halloween, shop the clearance isles for discounts ranging from 50 to 90% off the retail price.
  5. Give out treats other than candy: Websites like oriental trading or Alibaba offer steep discounts on bulk toys. Instead of spending money on candy, you can share small toys such as spiders, rings, or stickers.

Ways to Save Money on Costumes

    1. DIY costumes: Making your costumes not only saves money but helps children learn creative skills. Visit Pinterest to generate ideas and build from there.
  1. Consignment stores: Most children wear their costumes for one night only. Thrift stores and consignment shops charge a fraction of department store prices for practically new costumes.
  2. Make a costume chest: Save previously worn costumes and accessories from year to year. Younger siblings can wear outgrown costumes, and you can use accessories for new creations.

Ways to Save Money on Halloween Events and Decorations

  1. Look for discounts: Hayrides, corn mazes, and other seasonal events often promote the company with discounts on websites like LivingSocial or Groupon. You can save as much as 50% off seasonal activities.
  2. Buy season passes: Theme parks, zoos, botanical gardens, and other local attractions offer season passes that grant free or discounted entrance to seasonal events.
  3. Find free events: Schools, churches, shopping centers, malls, and parks sponsor free events in the fall. Children can join in a costume parade, carve pumpkins, and enjoy the cooler fall weather.
  4. Participate as a family: Spend a day or evening to make your costumes, create homemade decorations, cook scary dishes, or carve pumpkins. You will spend quality time with your children or friends, saving money and making memories at the same time.

Halloween does not need to be an expensive holiday. You can enjoy the festivities and save money on every aspect of the celebration from costumes to candy.

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